Projector Lamp Recycling Program

AVI-SPL is pleased to offer projector lamp recycling at no cost to you - you pay only the shipping costs to ship the lamp to our recycling center. While many companies offer a recycling service, they often charge for the recycling. With our program, AVI-SPL pays the recycling cost for you - and keeps our carbon footprint small by having you ship directly to our recycling center. It's quick, easy and inexpensive to be environmentally responsible. Simply complete this short form and you will be able to print your pre-completed mailing address label (pdf format).

Mailing Address Label Form

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Packing Tips for Your Return Lamp

  • When possible, pack your lamp in the original box packaging
  • If the original box is not available, be sure to pack your lamp in a solid corrugated cardboard box of adequate size, packing the lamp in bubble wrap, packing filler, or newspaper to protect it from breakage during transport

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